PHOTO GALLERY at the Evergreen Speedway

(clicking on an image will enlarge it) did a 4 week promotional with the folks up at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Washington.

Located at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, they have racing every Saturday from 3:30 - 10:30 PM.

We set up just inside the entrance.

During the race, our bikes were moved to the front of the grandstand, where the several thousand fans could see them.

On August 9th, all of us there were privileged to see J.P. Patches (he had the #1 children's show in the Seattle area for many years during the 60's and 70's, and for us many of us, is a Seattle icon)


Between races, the announcer would talk about our bikes, Then during Intermissions, the would ride around on a PitBull, awing the crowd.

Our 4 week promotional ended with a drawing for the PitBull which the announcer had been riding.

Miss Speedway drew out the winning name.....Jim Chavez.  Jim was there the 1st day I came to the Speedway, approaching me to ask about the neat PitBull I had.  He was there every day of the promotional, entering his name for the drawing.  Congratulations Jim!

Call (Closed for now, at least through 2011) (M-Sat. 9-6 PST)

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