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Riding off-road on a gas powered bike is an experience which should be affordable for the average family.  Unfortunately the joy of the outdoors and driving skills so easily acquired by the young, has become unaffordable for all but a privileged few.  Until now, the purchase of a small bike for for a child has cost close to $2,000, and one for an adult, around $2,500; that is a huge price tag for most families, especially if they want a bikes for each family member.  The good news is that now you can get 2 bikes for the same $2,000 (about half the price)! 

Fun-bikes.com is dedicated to bringing high quality bikes at affordable prices.  Located in Redmond Washington, USA, fun-bikes.com is a registered trademark of moseid.net, LLC a Washington State corporation.  It is privately held, and managed by Erik Moseid. Having grown up with small Hondas and Suzukis, Erik was shocked to discover how expensive these fun little bikes had become; even old, used ones in poor condition were over a thousand dollars.  When Erik discovered that the classics were being made again he jumped at the opportunity to sell and market these fun bikes.  Nearly all bikes sold in the U.S. are made in Asia and arrive by ship.  Since nearby Seattle is were they clear customs, there is only a minimal shipping charge, thereby allowing him to keep overhead down and sell them for less; most other dealers charge the customer freight from the dealer, but they had to pay freight to get them in the first place. 

Most of our bikes and parts are built at the Chongqing Lifan Motorcycle Industry Co. LTD. in China, and are modeled after the classic Honda Motorcycles of the late 1960s and 1970s.  Using Honda technology, the engines are compatible with the original engines (the one difference might be the electronic ignition [Honda converted to CDI around 1985] instead of points, effecting the size of one side cover), and since the engines are built at an ISO9001 certified facility, the quality is as good or better than the original ones.  

Lifan (in Asia, also uses the trade name Hongda, the original name was Honda Research of China), is China's largest private sector company in the motorcycle field.  They have a R&D staff of over 100, employ over 5,000 and is China's largest exporter, selling bikes to over 83 countries (the only Chinese importer to India).  In 2003 Lifan produced 2.8 million motorcycles, exporting 1.8 million bikes worth over $150 million US.  Some of the bikes we carry have our private label names (such as PitBull), others have the Lifan name.  Many of our bikes are classic reproductions, but we are now bringing in some of the new models developed by Lifan, such as the Lifan LF150GY.  

A little known trivia:  Lifan holds the world record for motorcycles taking people the highest point; May 2002 an Himalayan climbing party rode Lifan bikes to a height of 6,187-metre when they reached the Parachamo Peak.  [source:  The Kathmandu Post, Saturday June 1st, 2002] 

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1979 Z50R This bike is restored using 2003 PitBull Seat, tank, engine, muffler, wheels, tires, brakes and brake lever.

With our parts, no modifications are needed for the new parts to fit!

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Restored 1979 Z50R.  Front wheel close-up.

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Restored 1979 Z50R.  Engine close-up.

The engine bolts right on without any modifications!

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New 2003 PitBull (front) & 1979 Z50R (rear).

Our bikes are virtually identical to this classic!

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1969 Z50KO Hardtail (front) & 2003 PitBull (rear).

Although this bike is original, our new parts can restore the 1969 as well.

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