Frequently Asked Questions:

(for technical questions on assembly and such, see support)

Q.  These look like the old Honda Trail 70,90, CR70 etc?

    A. That's because they are Reproductions.  The engines are even manufactured with the same tooling and technology.

Q.  How close are they?

    A.  Most parts from the engine are interchangeable.  Many other parts from the frame, wheels, rims, tires and brakes are also interchangeable. (see About)

Q.  I have a Classic Honda that needs restoration; can I purchase parts from you?

    A.  Yes, we even sell new engines (as mentioned above, they will bolt right in).

Q. Can these be used by adults?

    A.  Yes, As you can see in the specifications that these bikes are rated for riders that weigh between 142 to 285 pounds (we have 375 lb customers ride them without problems, they are heavy duty).  Although great for kids, we sell more to adults.

Q.  I see many of these on the street, does it come street licensed?

    A.  No, although some of ours are available with street safety lights kits, our business is only set up to sell off road bikes.  Lights must be added by the purchaser.  We supply a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin that can be transferred by the purchaser into a title.  Although some of our customers ride them around the campground and therefore license them, we don't sell them with license plates.

Q.  Does it need to be licensed to ride on private land?

    A.  Neither the bike nor the rider need to be licensed to ride on private property.

Q.  Does the bike need to be licensed to ride on Washington State Forest trails, or Federal Forest trails?

    A.  Yes, the bike needs to be licensed, or have an off road permit (get it at the D.O.L. for $12 a year).

Q.  What about the driver?

    A.  To ride off road, the driver does not need any license, but is required to wear a helmet.

Q.  Can I ride my bike on the street?

    A.  Only if is licensed for the street.  Our bikes are intended for off-road use; however ultimate use is up to the purchaser.

Q.  Can I purchase a bike directly from you?

    A.  Yes, call me at 206-849-5365, or email me.

Q.  The motorcycle dealers add $250 - $500 to the price of a bike, can I get a bike for the posed price?

    A.  Yes.  It will be new, in a box.  No additional charge if picked up in Redmond (end users must pay sales tax if Washington State resident).

Q.  How difficult is it to assemble?

    A.  About what a bicycle takes: front wheel, front brake, handlebars, front fender, lights, adjustments.

Q.  How long does it take to assemble?

    A.  Most people with average skill and simple tools take about an hour.

Q.  Can you assemble them?

    A.  Yes, for a $75 fee, we can assemble the bike, check the adjustments, and test it out.

Q.  Can you deliver the bike to my house?

    A.  Yes, for a $65 fee, we can deliver it in King, Snohomish, and Pierce county, it might be more in other counties.

Q.  What if I want you to assemble and deliver the bike, do get a discount?

    A.  Yes, $110 for both.

Q.  Do you have all the bikes pictured in stock?

    A.  Most of the time, we even have ones not listed, but from time to time, we do get into backorder situations, so don't wait, call 206-849-5365 today.

Q.  Can I buy a helmet from you.

    A.  Sorry, not at this time.

Q.  Can I drop in and pick up a bike in Redmond?

    A.  Only if you have an appointment (we're busy delivering bikes). 

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